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At the first visit or Consultation appointment the patient, and parents if a minor patient, will complete a Health History form so that Dr. Corbett can assess the patient's general health and determine if there are any special health concerns that he needs to be aware of.

In addition, the office is required to have the legal guardian sign a Privacy Agreement that discloses the office's responsibility and allows Dr. Corbett to provide any information to the patient's dentist and dental plan.

The purpose of this first visit is for the office to get acquainted with the patient and to look and listen! Dr. Corbett will have questions as will the patient and it is his goal to make everyone feel at ease. Parents and siblings are invited and encouraged to be present during the consultation.

X-rays and other records are generally not taken at this first appointment. Often, the patient is not ready for orthodontic treatment, but the referring dentist has asked Dr. Corbett to evaluate growth and development and the patient will be placed on a 6 month recall appointment to re-evaluate their orthodontic condition and to monitor any changes. On the other hand, if the patient is ready for treatment, Dr. Corbett will discuss with them what they can expect and explain their treatment plan.

Dr. Corbett will always communicate with the referring dentist . He feels this communication is vital to the success of treatment. This first appointment will be 30 minutes which gives ample time for questions, diagnosis and getting acquainted. Our patients never feel rushed.

Before leaving, Dr. Corbett's Financial Coordinator Linda in Prince George, will review with the patient and family all financial arrangements and agreements and encourage them to call her with any questions. The patient will receive a business card with the Financial Coordinator's name and phone number for future reference. The patient will also be provided a brief but comprehensive overview of the dental treatment plan to ensure that everything is understood about the financial obligations. Our financial coordinator will also attempt to make the payment plan as manageable as possible for each patient.