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Orthodontic Retainers preserve and stabilize your results from orthodontic treatment. They are the best way to control or limit changes in tooth position. Retainers can be removable or permanent. Removable ones can be traditional, with wires, or clear, similar to aligners. Permanent ones generally consist of wires bonded in behind either the bottom or top teeth. Wear your retainers as prescribed to maintain your healthy new smile.

The retainer or retention phase of your orthodontic treatment is as important as the actual tooth movement phase. The support structures around the teeth are "elastic" in nature and as a result there is a tendency for your teeth to move back to the original positions they were in before you started orthodontic treatment. That is the last thing you would want to happen. Dr. Corbett will advise you at the end of your treatment what the best retainer is for your continued health and smile.