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We are happy to provide new and potential patients with information about orthodontic treatment, as well as forms that a new patient can bring in to expedite their first visit. With over 30 years of experience, our trained professionals are dedicated to building healthy smiles in children, teens and adults! We pride ourselves in being able to offer an affordable, professional and comfortable orthodontic experience for our patients.

Understanding Your Options- An overview of common orthodontic procedures.

Dental Forms– Downloadable forms to make your experience at our office a smooth one.

Our Guarantee

Although Dr. Corbett would like to guarantee all treatment outcomes for his patients, it would be unrealistic to do so. Orthodontics, like any other practice of dentistry or medicine, is not a perfect science. Just as All people do not react the same way to medications that are prescribed for them, everyone's mouth requires a unique orthodontic treatment.

It is reasonable for Dr. Corbett to guarantee orthodontic services that you will receive during your treatment while under his care.

What does this mean? Dr. Corbett will guarantee:

  • That he will use the most advanced orthodontic treatment protocols and materials available
  • That you will see him at each of your visits and your care will not be delegated to his staff, although they will carry out Dr. Corbett's instructions
  • That you will always be asked to be involved in your orthodontic care
  • That all of your questions will be answered
  • That all questions concerning your dental plan will be addressed and answered in a prompt manner
  • That his office will work with you to set up reasonable and flexible payment plans to make your treatment possible
  • That your treatment will occur in a relaxed, friendly and caring environment
  • That he will utilize all treatment modalities available to him and deemed appropriate to achieve the final results that were discussed at the beginning of your treatment.
  • To make this guarantee it will be necessary for him to request that his patients be compliant with all treatment recommendations and to keep all scheduled appointments.

What treatment option is best for you?

Understanding Your Options

Orthodontics Overview

Orthodontics is the science of gently moving teeth and jaws that are misaligned into the correct relationship. Dr. Corbett uses the latest technologies to create beautiful, healthier, perfect smiles by diagnosing, preventing and correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. Problems commonly treated with orthodontics include crowded teeth (crooked teeth), overbites or over jet (buck teeth), deep bites, generalized spacing (gaps between teeth) and narrow jaws.

Teeth That Look Good Are Good For You

It is estimated that over half of the population in Canada has misaligned or irregular teeth and/or jaws that can cause health problems.

One of the great benefits of placing your teeth where they function properly is that they also look great at that very same position. When they are straight and well-aligned, teeth are also in position to be the healthiest and in the easiest place to keep them healthy. For example, they will be easier to clean and maintain, which can help you avoid tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss. Aligned teeth can also help you avoid abnormal wear to your teeth's surfaces, digestive issues caused by inefficient chewing and difficulties speaking. Orthodontics can also help children overcome infantile habits like sucking a thumb, finger or pacifier. Early preventative treatment may be less costly than the dental care required to treat more serious problems that can develop in later years.

How it Works

Dr. Corbett uses a variety of orthodontic appliances to gently move teeth into the correct position. Today, there are many options for treatment including traditional metal braces, clear braces and clear and metal retainers. Dr. Corbett will guide you as you select the best option for yourself.

Treatment Time

Orthodontic treatment depends on each patient's particular case, and typically takes between one and two years to complete. Factors that impact the actual time to complete treatment include a patient's growth rate, individual response to treatment, and diligence in using prescribed appliances, equipment, and maintaining oral hygiene. Interceptive, or early treatment procedures, may take as little as six months but are often not necessary.

The treatment process for children and adults is similar but can vary somewhat. Most adult cases typically take some additional time, but co-operation is the biggest single factor in determining the treatment time. Dr. Corbett can give you a very good idea of the treatment time at your initial visit.

What Is The Sequence Of Treatment?

After the initial contact has been made, the office will collect information such as phone number, address, e-mail, fax and relevant insurance information during the records appointment. This will also allow the office or Dr. Corbett to contact the patient when needed. At the initial appointment, Dr. Corbett will examine the patient and determine if there is a need for orthodontic intervention. He will review and explain the basic problem or malocclusion with the patient as well as the risks and benefits of doing such treatment. Once the patient is comfortable and informed about his or her orthodontic situation, Dr. Corbett will set up appointments to get records and begin the tooth straightening process.

The records, consisting of x-rays, models of the teeth and gums, photographs and thorough examination will provide Dr. Corbett with the necessary information to diagnose and treatment plan your case properly so that he can achieve the perfect smile you have always wanted. The patient is then scheduled for a bonding appointment, at which time Dr. Corbett will place the new braces, brackets and wires. This appointment will take one hour, with half the time allocated for placement of the new braces and the other half dedicated to patient homecare and how best to care for your new orthodontic appliances, teeth and gums.

Dr. Corbett likes to personally call all his "newly bonded" patients the first night to make sure they are okay and that all questions have been answered and makes his personal phone number available so patients can contact him directly if need be. However, it is rare that this happens.

If you are interested in inquiring about straight teeth or any other orthodontic problem you may have please let us know and we will be happy to help. You can achieve that healthy, beautiful smile you have always wanted.


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