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Orthodontic Instructional Videos

Perfect smiles can be obtained easily, learn more by watching these informative videos.

Why an Orthodontist?

  • Orthodontists undergo an additional two to three years of specialized training beyond dental school.
  • They are experts in tooth movement and jaw alignment and will work with your dental team to achieve a healthy smile and function.

Everyone Deserves Straight Teeth and a Beautiful Smile

  • Perfect smiles and straight teeth radiate confidence self-esteem and success.
  • Straight well aligned teeth are easier to clean so you can avoid problems such as increased decay and gum disease.
  • Straight teeth will have less wear and reduce stress to the jaw bone.

Braces Are Affordable and Convenient

  • Perfect smiles, healthy teeth and a killer smile are within your reach.
  • Speak to your orthodontist about flexible and extended payment plans as well as expanded office hours to make your treatment become a reality.

Braces Are Far More Attractive Than Crooked Teeth

  • Braces have improved in their appearance. They can be tooth coloured or ceramic, and can sometimes be placed on the lingual or inside of your teeth so they are not seen at all. In some cases, clear aligners are also an option.
  • In some cases, clear aligners are also an option.

Wearing a Retainer to Maintain Straight Teeth

  • Now that your teeth are straight how do you keep them that way? Simply use the retainer your orthodontist has given you.
  • Retainers keep your teeth from drifting. They can be fixed or movable.
  • Follow your orthodontist's instructions to ensure successful treatment.

What to Eat While Wearing Braces

  • Your eating habits will mostly remain the same.
  • Avoid:
    1. Hard Candy
    2. Sticky Candy
    3. Foods that can get caught between the braces like popcorn kernels
  • Harder foods may need to be cut into smaller pieces to chew, like apples and meat.

Brushing and Flossing With Braces

  • Before brushing, floss under and around your braces to dislodge food.
  • Use a soft tooth brush, and try to find one with an orthodontic head. Your orthodontist may supply these to you.
  • It is important to brush and floss all surfaces of your teeth and gums.
  • Your orthodontist will instruct you in how to care for your teeth and braces.